Motel sauna

Next to the Motel, there's a little sauna, what you can rent for just to go to the sauna or a little sauna party with your friends.

On the first floor, there's a homey fireplace room, showers, sauna and a bathroom. Theres also 6 beds for 12 guests on the second floor.

The sauna itself can fit 5 persons at a time.

Right next to the sauna, there's a barrel sauna aswell, what you could rent for your stay in the sauna.

  • 6 big beds
  • fireplace room
  • bathroom
  • sauna
  • toilet
  • terrace
  • refridgerator
  • barrel sauna

Juuli & Aadu Sauna

Perfect place to rest with your friends or family just 100 meters from the sand beach.

Sauna house has a little kitchen, big living room and a sauna that fits 10 guest at a time. In front of the house, there's a big terrace and a barrel sauna, where you can relax and enjoy your beautiful beach view.

The second floor is mostly bedrooms and a bathroom aswell. 4 bedrooms with 2 big beds and 6 small beds.

  • 10 sleeping spots
  • living room
  • kitchen with everything you need to cook a small dinner.
  • sauna
  • toilets on both floors
  • Bathroom on the first floor
  • Sand beach just 100 meters away from the sauna
  • Terrace with a barrel sauna